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       Story By Jerry Bell



Somewhere in the African desert, drums are pounding. A throng of onlookers and warriors watch, as two men compete in fierce hand-to-hand combat. The prize sits on a pedestal, a huge black crystalline stone. Asian fighters, Arabian fighters, and others warriors from the corners of the globe are present to compete, representing their people. In the end, one man remains. Prince Amon Khan holds the giant stone over his head, and the crowd roars.


Years later, in Los Angeles California, the media is buzzing with the event of the day, the arrival of a rare gem. The gem is no ordinary gem. It is a rare Black Diamond, the largest in the world, and it is being donated by the royal family of a small African nation.


At a celebration in Los Angeles, a stage has been erected in the front hall. African colored banners wave behind the stage, as EARTH WIND & FIRE performs for a star-studded group of guests, including Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washington, Angela Basset, Paris Hilton, Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Kiefer Sutherland, and among others.


However Amon Khan, Master of the Temple Of The 10th Dan, and prince to the throne, is not comfortable. He had warned his grandfather against making this journey, saying that they were too far from their people, and their ways. His grandfather Baka Khan assures him that this act will inspire others to find peaceful solutions.


After the show is over, the Black Diamond is unveiled in a museum. The crowd there is awestruck. As the huge Diamond is being moved into its final resting place, gunfire breaks out. Villains swarm the area killing the king, many of his guards, and special agents assigned to diplomatic security. With his dieing breath, Amon’s grandfather urges him to watch over his people. One of the murderers reaches the diamond, but on his way out, he meets Amon, who proceeds to clear the room single-handedly, with a unique fighting style, never before seen.

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