Jerry Bell

I am here by giving you the rank of 7th dan by standards of the Japan Karate Federation (JKF). I talk with the Federation and this will help you with building the Japan Shotoshni Kai in Osaka and the U.S.


As I move on I leave you as Chief Instructor over Osaka the U.S. and Africa. This is by way of the International Governing Body of Traditional Karate. Congratulations! 

March 15,1993



私はここに、日本空手連盟(JKF)の基準で7位ダンスを与えています。私は連盟と話をしています。これは、大阪と米国の日本のショット・カイ・カイを建てるのに役立ちます。 私が進むにつれ、アメリカとアフリカの大阪の上級教員としてあなたを残します。これは、伝統的な空手の国際統治団体によるものです。おめでとう!

                          TOKYO JAPAN
               JERRY BELL
             Jerry Bell
JKA Shotokan / Black Ryu
Jerry Bell
April 9,1978
April 10, 1981
             Jerry Bell
February 12,1985

Master Nishiyama

Jerry Bell has spent five years training in the instructors program of J.K.A. and has successfully completed his apprenticeship. He is now a licensed  instructor of the J.K.A.

I have found him to be a hardworking, serious student who is totally reliable and can be counted on to keep his word.

We at the J.K.A. highly recommend Jerry Bell to you and thank you in advance for sending him here to train with us. He is like you said, a very good person and a great student.

We are looking foreword to your instructors training camp this year.

NO-6-1-Chome Ebiru,Nishi, Shibuya-ku

Tokyo Japan 150

Telephone: 03(462)1415

Februay 10,1987
Sincerely Yours

Masahiko Tanaka

Overseas General Secretary

Instructor, 7th Dan

The Japan Karate Association

Jerry Bell

My dear friend, it has been a long time we miss you here in Japan. You are family and I speak of you often to Makie sensie, Sonny Chiba and Ashihara about the good old days of dinner together and our sake drinking and eating soba and trying to get you to drink was fun, one day you will give in, and as you know we love your singing at the karaoke.

I still have your songs and my wife and Ruiko enjoys them to.


It is very refreshing when you were here to talk to you outside of Karate and to let you know the things I have been thinking. I know in my passing there will be much fighting over the name of my Karate even with all I have tried to teach about the soul of Kyokushin. I dont think they will ever know truth, they look to money and fame more then truth. This is why when you are here I enjoy so much our talks at the temple.

How time fly's its been 8 years now, it was wonderful hearing your voice on the phone

please let me know when you are coming back, and work on your kata.

                                                                                    I hope to see you soon

March 7, 1986

Mr. Jerry Bell

9899 Santa Monica Blvd.

Suite 460

Beverly Hills, Ca.90210 / U.S.A.

Masutatsu Oyama,

12, Minami - Cho,

Itabashi - Ku,

Tokyo Japan

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