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In 1989 Grandmaster Jerry Bell and Supreme Grandmaster Hidetaka Nishiyama founded The Japan Shotoshinkai Karate-Do in Tokyo Japan!  It is a form of Shotokan Karate and Kyokushin Karate.

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Hidetaka Nishiyama

Born October 10, 1928
Tokyo, Japan

Died November 7, 2008 (aged 80)
Los Angeles, California, US
Lung cancer

Style Shotokan Karate, Kendo

Teacher(s)  Gichin Funakoshi, Gigō Funakoshi, Moorio Mochida, Isao Obata, Masatoshi Nakayama

Rank 10th dan karate (ISKA, JKA, ITKF), 3rd dan kendo

Spouse Yohko Nishiyama

Children Yumi Nishiyama, Amy Nishiyama, Nami Nishiyama

Notable students Hiroshi Shirai, Takeshi Oishi, James Yabe, Vern Vaden, Jerry Bell, Susan Vance, Avi Rokah, Nicolas Salcedo, Tati Eugenio, Ron Vance, Falah Kanani, & Justo Gomez

Born Choi Yeong-eui
July 27, 1923
Gimje, Jeollabuk-do, Korea

Died April 26, 1994 (aged 70)
Tokyo, Japan

Style Kyokushin

Teacher(s)Gichin Funakoshi, Gōgen Yamaguchi, Nei-Chu So (1908–1995)

Rank10th Dan Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate
4th Dan Black Belt in Shotokan
7th Dan Black Belt in Gōjū-ryū Karate
4th Dan Black Belt in Kosen Judo

SpouseChiyako Oyama (1926–1994)
Sun-ho Hong (홍순호)

Notable students Bobby Lowe, Jon Bluming, Tae Hong Choi, Jhoon Goo Rhee, Tadashi Nakamura, Hideyuki Ashihara, Steve Arneil, Peter Chong, Loek Hollander, Sonny Chiba, Hatsuo Royama, Terutomo Yamazaki, Katsuaki Satō, Howard Collins, Jōkō Ninomiya, Dolph Lundgren, Jerry Bell, Shokei Matsui, Kenji Midori, Akira Masuda, Nicholas Pettas

Shihan Osamu Ozawa was born of a samurai family on November 25, 1925 in Kobe, Japan.  Master Ozawa on April 14th-Tuesday, between the hours of 11:00 PM and 12 midnight, Master Ozawa passed away due to natural causes.

Style Shotokan


Notable students  James Tawatao, Jerry Bell, John McClary

Moses Powell

Born Norfolk, Virginia
Jan 13, 1941

Died January 22, 2005
Ft. Lauderdale Florida

Other names Master Musa Muhammad

Nationality American

Style Vee-Jitsu Te, Modern Ju Jitsu, Sanuces Ryu Jujutsu

Teacher(s) Florendo Visitacion and Ron Duncan

Rank10th degree black belt

Years active 1954– early 2000s

Notable students Ron van Clief,

Jerry Bell, Wesley Snipes, Rex Lee, Gino Alfarano, Veronica Walker, Lil John Davis, Haisan Kalelak, Mark Walker,Phillip Chenique, George Logan, Anton Muhammad, Bernard Dory, Anthony Muhammad, Earl Johnson, Anakhanda Mushaba, Sayfulla Al-Amirkiy, Yahudah Shem, Khris Allen, Bill McCloud, Abdul Mutakabbir, Terryl Richardson, Urban Muhammad

 Shoji Nishio was born in Aomori Prefecture of Japan in 1927. He joined Aikikai Hombu Dojo in 1951 and began to teach around 1955. Before aikido he studied judo (6th Dan Kodokan Judo), karate (5th Dan Shindō jinen-ryū), iaido (7th Dan Nihon Zendoku Iaido) and jōdō and also Shintō Musō-ryū jōjutsu and Hōzōin-ryū sōjutsu. Skills gained from them he managed to smoothly merge into his own specific aikido style where all techniques can be performed with the wooden sword bokken in hand as well as without weapons, and his weapon systems has few similarities to the more common system that derives from Morihiro Saito. He held the title of an Aikikai shihan and also created a new school of Iaido with forms from aikido, called Aiki Toho Iaido or Nishio-ryu Iai. In 2003 Nishio received the Budo Kyoryusho award from Japanese Budo Federation for his lifetime contribution to development and worldwide propagation of aikido. He died in March 2005 aged 77.

Notable Private Student  Jerry Bell

Cikgu Majed

Malaysian Silat Master

Born May 5, 1941 in Sarawak Malaysia began teaching Silat at the age of 20. His father a Silat master who trained him from the age of 3 years old.

He doses not take on a lot of students, 10 every 5 years. Cikgu Majed is also a master in Chi and Kung Fu. Notable American Students Jerry Bell , Saultan Undean, Abdul Ra Muhammad Bey

Brian Breye 1936 -2015

Born LA Ca. U.S.A.

Rank 10th dan / Style Shotokan & Iado Goju

7th dan in Shotokan, 8th dan in Goju, 5th dan in Iado

Trained in Osaka Japan 10 years

Teachers/ Mastoshi Nakayama, Takashi Kobyshai and Gogen Yamaguchi

Notable Students

Hezekiah El

Jerry Bell, 

John Pittman, 

Abdul  Azeas, 

Skip Falcarnar,

Cuba Gooding  Jr.



Simon Rhee is a 7th Degree Black Belt in TaeKwondo and a 4th Degree Black Belt in Hap Ki Do. He is a World-Class Martial Artist known for his beautiful kicks and incredible forms, and is a many-time Grand Champion of the tournament circuit. Karate Illustrated noted that, "Simon Rhee has the prettiest kicks, most flashiest and picturesque Martial Arts techniques in the nation". He is world-renowned for his kicking abilities and for his incredible forms. His pictures have graced the covers of many Martial Arts magazines, and he has been involved in the movie industry as a Martial Artist, Stunt Coordinator, Fight Choreographer, and Instructor to many celebrities. However, it is Master Rhee's charming personality and skill for teaching which has made him loved and respected by all.

Simon Rhee was born in San Jose, California in 1957, but spent much of his childhood in Seoul, Korea, where he began his Martial Arts training. After becoming ill and contracting meningitis as a young child, his parents enrolled him in Taekwondo classes to help strengthen his body. Thus began his lifelong love for the Martial Arts. His intensive training continued in Korea, San Francisco, and then Los Angeles

Phillip Rhee (born September 7, 1960) is a Korean American actor, director, martial artist, and film producer, most famous for his role in the Best of the Best movie series.


Rhee was born in South Korea and raised in San Francisco, California. He is a martial artist, actor, director and film producer who has created, produced and starred in numerous films, including the Best of the Best film series. The first Best of the Best film spawned three sequels; Best of the Best II, Best of the Best III and Best of the Best IV.

Rhee's 1980 representation of the United States' Taekwondo Team against the South Korean team in the championships of the Asia Games which formed the basis of his screenplay for the film "Best of the Best".

Master Simon and Phillip Rhee were the teachers of Taekwondo to Jerry Bell

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